Memory legacies are often acquired involuntarily, our seasons, our daily rituals, our common growth, our shared manners, our own, very personal, and very universal language of loving and living. In these worlds we are safe. In these times we are human, and long after they’re gone, we come back to them to discover more of the past and present. 

Milestone Films is more than just a wedding cinematography making brand. It is a merge of experience garnered, a medley of arts combined, and laborious years spent pursuing different ways to entertain the saudade we all feel for moments that fled. 

I cannot evoke the memory of a father kissing his daughter’s hand without mentioning heritage, the soft cheeks of a child seeking comfort in his mother’s shoulder, the clinking of glasses raised in the air to honor a tradition without thinking these (and a thousand more) are our simple, incredibly humble, and infinitely beautiful moments to preserve. 

Sometimes it’s the rigorous words and others the exploding cheer, the tenderness of a gesture or the glamor of a party we need to recall. But no mater what we choose to bring back, every split second is important. The reason I make films is because I aim to make a perfectly distilled memoir of what my clients will recollect, a luminous and sharp, linear narrative of their best times together, times that endure. 

Iacovos Argyrides

destination cyprus

Cyprus’ six boroughs – Nicosia, Limassol, Paphos, Larnacca & Famagusta – offer a limitless array of thrills, from the heart-stopping beauty of the most elegant resorts and luxurious lodges in the Med, to steeped in history Unesco World heritage cities where natural charm and warm hospitality are a golden standard. 

There is always a new designer den to explore, another awarded chef’s menu to try, another extraordinary cultural happening to attend, or new experience to go out and discover. 

Soak up the grand beauty of walled architecture, Greco-Roman sites, irresistibly turquoise shores (The Blue Lagoon)and scenic routes dotted with figs, oleanders, and olive groves, or let the tug of the sea (Aphrodite herself was born off the rocky coast of Paphos, as the legend goes), the gardens and mandarin trees rattle your reality. 

Then plunge into the congenial fray of the promenade eateries to sample the bounty of local produce, and if you need an afternoon pick-me-up, do as the locals do and settle into a smart wine bar (stocked with bottles sourced from the vines of Omodos, Arsos, Inia) scattered among contemporary art galleries and fashion boutiques. 

Immersing yourself in Cyprus’ way of living will let you feel a major adventure is only about to begin, because you see… decadence over our parts is a mindset. Perhaps it is all this life-compelling charm that makes Cyprus one of the most coveted wedding destinations in the Mediterranean, and in our pursuit of love stories across its ends we’ve always found ourselves always astonished.